Firm Overview

Roxas Law, APC is a full service law firm providing quality legal representation and counsel to the residents of Southern California. LICENSED ATTORNEYS will personally handle your legal matter throughout all stages. Our philosophy is to work with you to resolve your legal matter in the most organized, timely, cost efficient and effective manner possible.

Members of our firm speak English, Chinese-Cantonese, and Spanish.
Payment plans and same day appointments available.


Are you overburdened by credit card debt or unexpected medical bills? Are you hounded by bill collectors? Are you trying to regain control of your finances? Do you want a fresh start? You may qualify for protection under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code that can help you correct your financial issues and get back on the path to financial freedom.



Have you or a loved one been accused or charged with a California criminal offense and need immediate assistance? We handle all types of criminal cases ranging from misdemeanor charges like petty theft, DUI, and battery to felony charges such as robbery, burglary, and drug sales. We will work hard to gain dismissals prior to…



We strive to help families avoid court while resolving dissolution disputes. While the dissolution process can be quite burdensome and an overwhelming amount of paperwork, we are committed to help the parties reach an amicable settlement of the issues for both parties, if at all possible. Your children are a priority and we will work with you to…