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Are you overburdened by credit card debt or unexpected medical bills? Are you hounded by bill collectors? Are you trying to regain control of your finances? Do you want a fresh financial start? Contract Roxas Law to inquire if you qualify for protection under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code to help you correct your financial issues and get back on the path to financial freedom.

Client Testimonials about Bankruptcy Cases

Eric P., Carson, CA

I was referred to Sandy Roxas by my cousin who had used the law firm in a child custody case. I was served with a wage garnishment notice from Target and didn’t know what to do. My cousin told me to file for bankruptcy to stop the garnishment, but I was afraid I would lose my car and home. I am very thankful for Sandy’s help. She was never too busy to answer my questions or return my phone calls. She understood my financial situation and allowed me to make payments. I am so glad that I filed for bankruptcy. I would definitely recommend Sandy Roxas!

Edward D., Montebello, CA

I randomly found her on yelp. Needed consultation regarding my uncle’s whack n messy divorce situation. She suggested the best alternative to do is file for bankruptcy. Everything was strategically planned and explained and full detail.

Ms. Roxas makes herself readily available for any questions. She is nice, caring, and professional. The environment is calm and business like. Her assistant speak Spanish for those who needed. She also has a useful app for mobile devices. Overall I had a great experience with her. I highly recommend.

Lisa H., Torrance, CA

I went to see Sandy after reading her glowing reviews here on Yelp. She listened patiently to the lengthy explanation of my problems. We talked about my options and she ultimately recommended bankruptcy.

Because she does not handle the type of bankruptcy that I will need to file, she ultimately gave me a referral to another attorney and sent me on my way, wishing me the best of luck.

I think it says a lot about an attorney’s professionalism and honesty when she will recommend a course of action for a client that does not include any billable hours for herself! Even though I only had a free initial consultation with her, I want to give Sandy Roxas a high rating for her knowledge and integrity.

Robert C., Walnut, CA

In finding the right bankruptcy lawyer, I found that Sandy Roxas was an excellent choice. She was very straight forward and easy to deal with. She updates us without us having to call her. She help me and wife file bankruptcy with ease. My bankruptcy was filed and discharged with no problems. I would definitely recommend Sandy Roxas.

Michael C., Aliso Viejo, CA

Going through bankruptcy is not easy for anyone, but thanks to Sandy and her staff it was as painless as could be. They took care of everything and made sure we had everything in place before we filed and again before my court date. If you are thinking about filing bankruptcy, this is the place to go. They always made me feel at ease and were with me every step of the way…thanks to the law offices of Lam and Roxas I now have a fresh start in the credit world.

Horacio A., San Jacinto, CA

I was recommended by a very good friend of mine to go see Ms. Roxas for my Bankruptcy. I had no clue where to start. I’m so happy I chose her. I live in San Jacinto CA which is more than one and half hours away. I’m happy and I was able to start fresh.

Debra V., Carson, CA

Attorney Roxas represented my husband and I in our bankruptcy case back in 2009. Of course we had so many questions for her – but Sandy was so patient and understanding – not to mention she’s so detailed and thorough that she made the whole process less stressful for us. I definitely recommend Sandy Roxas!

Olive S., Lakewood, CA

I am very pleased and thankful for having Atty. Roxas represent me in my bankruptcy case. Sandy Roxas is a no nonsense attorney that gets the job done. Their lawyers are highly educated, skilled and true warriors. Extremely honest and very sensitive to their client’s needs. I highly recommend this firm to anyone looking for reliable representation. I will definitely use them again should I ever need legal advice or assistance in the future. Best law firm in town!

Jorge M., Carson, CA

I’m very happy to have found Sandy. She’s very honest and helpful. I called a few other law firms before calling her firm and all I came across we’re arrogant attorneys that wouldn’t even take the time to talk to me. Sandy actually answered the phone which was surprising to me and managed to set up a free consultation the same day. After going over my legal matters with Sandy she informed me of my options and knew I came to the rite place. So far she’s helped me every step of the way in my legal matters and I’ll highly recommend her to everyone I know. Thanks Sandy for all you’re hard work and dedication 😉

Betty N., Hemet, CA

I got the chance to get help from Sandy Roxas for my bankruptcy case. They also successfully helped my co-worker in the same situation as mine. Recently, another co-worker was able to plan for his future Wills and Trust Living with the big help from this firm. Their professional works is extremely fabulous. We strongly recommend everyone to seek for them in any legal matters.