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     Roxas Law has organized and sponsored several community rallies and solidarity gatherings, bringing awareness to the rise in anti-Asian hate and encouraging allyship from other minority communities. Specifically, Roxas Law was vital in spearheading, organizing, and/or sponsoring the following community events:

  • “Solidarity Workout Rally” in Torrance, CA on July 11, 2020
  • “Alliance Against Anti-Asian Hate” in Carson, CA on March 28, 2021
  • “Stand Up, Stand Together” in Redondo Beach, CA on April 11, 2021
  • “South Bay vs. Anti-Asian Hate” in Hermosa Beach, CA on May 1, 2021
  • “Stand Together, Sweat Together” in Torrance, CA on May 23, 2021
  • “Solidarity Walk” in Cerritos, CA on June 19, 2021
  • “Cerritos Residents Against Asian Hate Crimes” in Cerritos, CA on June 26, 2021

     Sandy and Adrian have also devoted countless of hours to online webinars and forums in an effort to educate the community and allies in identifying anti-Asian hate incidents, anti-Asian hate crimes, bystander intervention, victims’ rights, and resources for survivorship. Specifically, Sandy and Adrian have presented at the following online webinars aimed specifically for the AAPI community:

     May 15, 2020: Sandy and Adrian were featured panelists at the Philippine American Bar Association’s (PABA) Community Webcast Series. This webinar was held at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sandy and Adrian presented on issues that directly affected the AAPI communities during COVID-19, including family law, domestic violence, restraining orders, identifying in-home child, spousal, and elder abuse.

     March 2021: Sandy and Adrian were on the organizing team for the “Stand Up to Hate: Know Your Rights & Community Forum” in partnership with the City of Los Angeles, PABA, the Los Angeles Police Department, and the City of Los Angeles Commission for Civil and Human Rights. This is a monthly program designed to educate the community on identifying anti-Asian hate incidents/hate crimes, victim’s rights, law enforcement reporting, and resources for victims.

     April 2021 through October 2021: Adrian is a recurring presenter and panelist for the “Stand Up to Hate: Know Your Rights & Community Forum” in partnership with the City of Los Angeles, PABA, the Los Angeles Police Department, and the City of Los Angeles Commission for Civil and Human Rights. Adrian, as the lead presenter, discusses pro bono representation for victims of anti-Asian hate, victims resources, and bystander intervention.

     April 15, 2021: Adrian was a lead presenter for the California Asian Pacific American Bar Association’s “Know Your Rights” webinar series, aimed at educating the AAPI community and community allies in identifying, reporting, and preventing anti-Asian hate incidents/hate crimes.

     May 20, 2021: Adrian was the presenter at the Los Angeles Unified School District’s webinar presentation “Asian American Voices.” Adrian presented on the Filipino American contributions and achievements in the United States, anti-Asian hate incidents/hate crimes, bystander intervention, and encourage community allyship.

     June 3, 2021: Sandy was a panelist for the California Employment Lawyers Association and The Foundation for Advocacy, Inclusion, and Resources. Sandy discussed anti-Asian hate, overcoming racism and hate, and identifying anti-Asian hate incidents/hate crimes.

     June 16, 2021: Adrian was a panelist for the National Federation of Filipino American Association’s Empowering Pilipino Youth Through Collaboration, where he discussed criminal law and careers in public service to aspiring Filipino American attorneys.


     Roxas Law has generously supported local and international communities. In addition to their legal work, Sandy K. Roxas and Adrian G. Roxas fund financial educational scholarships, they volunteer at local schools, they are leaders in professional organizations and non-profit organizations.

     Since 2009, Roxas Law has funded scholarships to graduating seniors at Carson High School. Scholarships are awarded to graduating seniors who demonstrate financial need and community service. Roxas Law has also funded scholarships through the Filipino Americans in Law Enforcement Organization since 2015, which is awarded to Filipino American students who are interested in public service. In 2021, Roxas Law established the Adrian & Sandy Roxas PABA Foundation Scholarship, an annual scholarship which is awarded to a law student who has a demonstrated commitment to community and public service.

     Since 2016, Adrian has been an instructor for the Constitutional Rights Foundation/Los Angeles County District Attorney’s “Project Lead.” Adrian volunteers at Walteria Elementary School in Torrance, CA where he teaches 5th graders about the criminal justice system, making good choices, and paths towards community service. Additionally, Roxas Law is a sponsor for the Palos Verdes Peninsula High School Mock Trial team, where Sandy and Adrian serve as volunteer coaches for the school’s mock trial team.

     Sandy also serves as a Gold Scouts Gold Award Project Advisor for a female Asian high school student, whose project is focused on combatting anti-Asian hate and providing service for the elderly AAPI community. Roxas Law has proudly mentored high school students, graduate students, and law students who have chosen careers in the legal field as deputy district attorneys, deputy public defenders, family law, and environmental lawyers.

     Sandy and Adrian are proud members of the National Pacific American Bar Association (NAPABA), the National Filipino American Lawyers Association (NFALA), and the California Asian Pacific American Bar Association (Cal-APABA). Additionally, Sandy and Adrian hold leadership roles in the Philippine American Bar Association (PABA), the PABA Foundation, and the Asian Pacific American Bar Association – Los Angeles (APABA-LA). Adrian is currently the President of the PABA Foundation (the non-profit, charitable arm of PABA) and Sandy currently serves as its Chairperson. Adrian has served on the PABA Board of Governors since 2016 and he is currently the President-elect of PABA. Sandy served on the PABA Board of Governors from 2016-2020. Both Sandy and Adrian serve on Cal-APABA’s Task Force for Anti-Asian Hate, and Adrian serves on the Board of Governors for APABA-LA.