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Have you or a loved one been accused or charged with a California criminal offense and need immediate assistance? Roxas Law provides legal representation for all types of criminal cases ranging from misdemeanor charges like petty theft, DUI, and battery to felony charges such as robbery, burglary, and drug sales. Our Attorneys will work hard to gain dismissals prior to charges being filed or reduction of charges after they have been filed. We will also strive for a favorable outcome and negotiate sentencing alternatives such as community service, probation and/or diversion.

Client Testimonials about Criminal Cases

Brian Y., South Bay, CA

Tried to do the right thing for a friend. Manhattan’s best saw it differently. They decided to detain me for a few hours. Placed a call for help. Attorney Sandy is a great friend and awesome lawyer. You will be lucky to have her on your side.

JJ R, Los Angeles, CA

My brother Jose got into trouble over a DUI recently. We had no idea how much trouble he was in until we learned he was facing felony charges and some very serious time in jail. Our family was afraid for his health and well being since we’ve heard so many horror stories about LA County jail. Lost and confused we looked to yelp to find some help. Thanks to our good fortunate we found attorney Sandy Roxas who helped us through my brother’s problems and made the whole situation less intimidiating. From the get go Sandy was honest and straight forward with us. She never made false promises and always kept us informed. She even worked out a payment plan with us to make it easier to pay for all our legal fees. The end results where very favorable and our family was very satisfied. I would 100% recommend attorney Sandy Roxas to anyone in need of legal help. Thank you Sandy!!

Brad H., Los Angeles, CA

I literally don’t know where I would be now without Atty. Sandy Roxas’ help. She is one of the best at what she does. Don’t wait for the last minute to get an atty. Don’t trust your own research skills or whomever the court appoints you. I came to Atty Roxas two days before my court hearing and she did an exceptional job – way beyond my expectation.

Jordon P., West Covina, CA

I used Sandy Roxas for a DUI and possession charge. I was referred by a longtime friend to her services. Met Sandy after scrapping another lawyer to handle my case and Sandy met and exceeded my expectations. I have referred several people to her and all are happy with the service. I would not look for another attorney if I ever get into trouble, unless that other attorney is free! Very professional staff and very polite attorneys!

Catherine T., Palos Verdes Estates, CA

Before having Sandy Roxas as my legal representation, I was very panicking about my court case. However, after I talked with Sandy, I felt that she is very organized and simplify the difficult process of court. She took the full responsibility of striving to dismissed the case. She is a trustworthy legal representation. She patiently explain to me what will be the best consequence and the worse consequence. I feel very free to discuss my court matter with her. So I think if people have any legal problems, this is the law firm you’re looking for!

Alex Q., Lake Ellsinore, CA

I met attorney Sandy Roxas, back in 2009 and I hired her to be my lawyer in a criminal case. She was successful and a very professional family oriented attorney. I will never consider another attorney. I also referred her to a friend of mine to do a Bankruptcy case too and my friend drove from San Jacinto CA to Monterey Park to meet her. He was very happy with the results. Just wanted to let you know that on January 2011, I have retained this office to handle my bankruptcy something that I was clueless about. If you need someone to explain how it works and if you are thinking call them you will not regret it. I had decided to put my house on the market for a short sale, but that was only an option. I then decided to call Sandy, to talk to her about a possible bankruptcy. I started the process and look forward to see the outcome. Love the way Sandy has been handling our case. She is very thorough and sensitive about our situation. The office staff is very professional and friendly. She makes it easy for us to understand and although the situation is difficult, having her as our attorney is making it turn into a positive experience.

Arcy R., Torrance, CA

I was referred to Attorney Roxas by another attorney who couldn’t handle my criminal case. I figured: “Free Consultation” and referred by another attorney, so it was a win-win situation. After a successful resolution in my criminal charge (probation for 1 year, and the case got dismissed), I came back to her to help me out with filing Bankruptcy. The lawyers and staff at this office were very courteous, professional, accessible, and very responsive. They were very sensitive to my financial situation, and allowed me to make payment plans for the both times I used them. Very trustworthy, and NOT the typical “money-chasing” attorney. I just made an appointment for my parents to see them regarding drafting up a Trust. I’m sure this office will deliver just as they did in my cases.

Rey T., Los Angeles, CA

After hours of research online I decided to find an attorney to get all the most recent and correct facts about my case. Found this law office and scheduled a consultation to get some answers. Attorney Sandy is very responsive and helpful throughout the whole process with my case. She was very honest during my consultation and answered all my questions. She made a big difference and I’m very happy with the result of my case.

Cecile R., Long Beach, CA

My experience with Sandy Roxas was a great experience. Sandy Roxas was able to help my friend in a criminal case and did an excellent job. She really helped him a lot to protect him and was determined to make sure he got the helped that he needed. Sandy was very personable and professional. She made sure that she gave thorough details on information that was vital to the case. She assured us that everything would turn out okay. I highly recommend Sandy Roxas!

Kay R., Los Angeles, CA

My boyfriend hired Sandy Roxas to represent him on a DUI and driving on a suspended license case. He was not working at the time and the firm gave him a payment plan. The attorneys were always very good at returning calls and answering all of our questions. They provided excellent representation. They negotiated a great deal and reduced the DUI to reckless driving. We would strongly recommend them!!!!!

Matthew T., Redondo Beach, CA

I met with Sandy Roxas this past week to discuss a current legal case of mine. Not only was I able to get an appointment for my consult that day, but she was also available to work with me step by step through my case. She was more helpful than any other attorney I’ve worked with in the past (which has been more than a couple).