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Roxas Law provides conflict resolution services as alternatives to costly court battles. Our philosophy is to work with clients to resolve their disputes in the most organized, timely, cost efficient and effective manner possible. Our Attorney Mediator is committed to helping families facilitate out-of- court agreements by mediating issues involving divorce, paternity, child custody and visitation, parenting plan, child support, spousal support and asset division. We work with low or high conflict clients to resolve their disputes privately and economically. Unlike traditional litigation cases, all discussions and communications in mediation are privileged and confidential.

Premarital Agreements

A premarital agreement (sometimes known as a “prenup” or “pre-nuptial” agreement) is an agreement regarding the property rights of a married couple. It becomes effective upon the marriage of the couple. There are many benefits and drawbacks to making a pre-nuptial agreement, including some that are financial and others that are emotional in nature.

Given that the agreement is between two spouses who may have differing interests and goals in mind, each spouse should be represented by their own attorney when signing a premarital agreement. For a premarital agreement to be valid, it must be in writing and signed by both parties along with other legal requirements. In order for the agreement to be enforceable, both parties need to have entered it voluntarily, they need to have full knowledge and understanding of the terms of the agreement, and the terms must not be unfair or too one-sided.

Premarital agreements may cover a wide variety of subjects and will generally be upheld as long as the terms are not in violation of the law or public policy. Generally, premarital agreements deal with property rights. They can address the rights of the spouses to property either owned together or separately, their ability to control and/or manage the property or to dispose of the property in the event of the dissolution of their marriage, the making of a will or trust to carry out the provisions of their agreement, the ownership rights and disposition of a death benefit from a life insurance policy, etc.

Sandy K. Roxas has been a contributing editor and speaker on premarital agreements:

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Client Testimonials about Family Law Cases

H. C., Redondo Beach, CA

I was looking for a divorce attorney when I found Sandy Roxas. The consultation and final fee were very reasonable. Sandy was amazing from the beginning, immediately filing my paperwork and explaining every step of the way. She also explained how court dates and other things associated with a high conflict divorce can really spiral out of control and recommended taking the amicable/mediation route with which I concurred. Divorce is stressful enough and Sandy was so helpful in expediting everything and keeping the conflict minimal. I filed in February and the process (albeit there is a mandatory waiting period) was over in June. She was in touch with me throughout and very dependable. I can’t thank Sandy enough for making what could’ve been a really stressful, over the top situation into a manageable and drama-free process. Thank you, Sandy!

Jeff N., Carson, CA

After about a hair’s length from filing a chapter 7 in 2011 business economy related, my RN wife moved out in September 2011. According to her the debt acquired during 16 years was not hers. Since I was on a slim budget, the infamous do it yourself commercials caught my eye and I would do it myself. After all, there was a large amount of credit card debt and the house was upside down. I figured if I kept the house and the debt this would be more than a fair proposal. Unfortunately doing it on your own as we all know somehow always lead to more time and expense. After a year of going back and forth with the court because the do it yourself paperwork was always sent back, I was at my wits end. Sandy Roxas came to my rescue after I contacted her through a family referral. The divorce has just been granted. My ex and her attorney tried to delay it 3 times during the past year. Every time this happened little bells would ring. I could just imagine my retainer. Now that it is all said and done, the house is still mine along with the debt and a business that somehow has started to pick back up again. What I am most satisfied is with the patience of Sandy during this process and working with the system to accomplish our original goals. I think if she had been another so called attorney it could very well been a double whammy. Paying my ex and Paying a huge retainer. Fortunately it all worked the right way. Sandy and her staff were always there and comparatively speaking her fees were more than fair. I have no hesitation to recommend Sandy and her staff. Thank you Sandy.

Spenser H., Redondo Beach, CA

I came here because of Sandy’s great reviews, and I can see why.

I simply needed her to look over a PMA before signing it, so I don’t have a lot of detail; but I can say she was very professional, had my best interest in mind throughout our meetings, and accommodated my needs to move forward very quickly.

Her customer service is among the best I have experienced. I’m happy to give her five stars, and understand why others are too.

Tay S., Torrance, CA

My wife found Ms. Sandy on Yelp for me because of her great reviews and the office was nearby in Torrance. She put her best effort to settle my case in every way. She responded very promptly so that I had no stress. And what impressed me the most was that the follow up care was great. I was very comfortable dealing with her. Also the fee was satisfactory. She is a very professional lawyer with heart. I absolutely recommend her.

Sharon W., Oviedo, FL

Sandy was fantastic at helping me finalize my divorce. She was so personable, professional and easy to talk to. She gave me great advice and provided me with information that helped me determine the best way to protect my current and future assets throughout my divorce along with determining the best strategy for full legal and physical custody of my child. The entire process was very well detailed and explained to me so I knew what to expect throughout the process. Thank you Sandy!!

Randell B., Pasadena, CA

Experienced! Thorough! Very Professional! Reasonably Affordable! I referred a friend to Attorney Roxas to help my friend finalize her divorce papers. Ms. Roxas was a kick ass attorney who quickly took charge and quickly drafted the necessary agreements and documents to provide my friend the closure to a divorce that was long overdue. I strongly recommend Attorney Roxas.

Eli S., Monterey Park, CA

I was looking for a new attorney after my old attorney had run up my bill over $5,000 even before our court date had arrived and over $7,500 after one court appearance. This office handled my case and for a reasonable fee, I didn’t feel as though I was charged for every time someone touched my folder. Her staff is not overly priced paralegals, they are certainly capable of delivering as promised. SANDY was professional and understood the dynamics of my case. She not only worked hard but really cared. I would certainly recommend her to family and friends. If you need an attorney that you can trust look no further you have found her.

Baby S., Carson, CA

Sandy, as I know her, was referred to me by a staff of our Catholic church. Since the referral, our relationship has grown from mere professional level to genuine friendship. She took care of my divorce with competence and professionalism. Since then, she has handled all my family’s legal affairs; from our living trust to offering advice on all my business concerns. Her fees are extremely reasonable; I do not hesitate referring her to all my friends and clients.