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A restraining order is a court order that can protect someone from being physically or sexually abused, threatened, stalked, or harassed. The person getting the restraining order is called the “protected person.” The person the restraining order is against is the “restrained person.”
Sometimes, restraining orders include other “protected persons” like family or household members of the protected person.

Roxas Law provides legal representation to clients who are involved in domestic violence and/or civil harassment restraining orders. Our Attorneys have been successful in assisting clients obtain or oppose restraining orders.

Aldrene M., Hawthorne, CA
I have had a couple cases with Sandy Roxas as my Attorney to date, a TRO/RFO and most recently a RFO re: Custody/Visitation Changes along with numerous “little” legal issues along the way, such as Incorrect Support Payments/IWO and Holiday Schedules. I have been fortunately blessed and pleased with the performance of Sandy and the Roxas Law Team, the TRO/RFO-Denied and the recent RFO re: Custody/Visitation Changes-Good Changes for both parties and most especially for the best interests of my children. They have continually displayed their professionalism by helping me find the best resolutions and plan of action for the aforementioned issues.

Roxas Law will not waste your money or time by stringing you along to chase down frivolous or erroneous cases which may not end in your favor. Instead, Roxas Law, as with my issues, have been nothing but truthful as they helped me find the best resolutions while keeping in mind my best interest, along with being in line with the law relating to the matters I have consulted with them.

I would and have recommended numerous friends and family to Roxas Law, but not all were the right fit. Quick example: one friend told me that Roxas Law would not take his case because he lived and had his case was in Ventura County. This meant he would have had to pay Roxas Law just to travel back and forth to Ventura. Instead Roxas Law suggested that he finds a local attorney or law firm in Ventura County because they would be more familiar with the courts there and that would be best for his case. He did get some good advice while he was there for his consultation, but he did not have to waste any money or time. I will continue to recommend Roxas Law to anyone regarding Divorce or Family Law, especially within the South Bay and neighboring communities. Going through these issues is already hard and overwhelming, so why compound it with a bad attorney, call Roxas Law.

Dave G., Hawthorne, CA
Roxas Law did such an excellent job with my TRO/Dissolution Matter. Sandy and her team kept me informed and laid out my options as my case developed. Now that my case is closed, I could not be happier with Roxas Law’s work to get everything I needed resolved done. I also recommended Roxas Law to a few friends, and I appreciate how honest Sandy was to them. She was able to help one friend through his dissolution, and she was honest enough to the other friend who lived in Ventura. She recommended that my friend from Ventura would be better off getting someone who is familiar with the Courts in Ventura and who is closer to his area, to save on expenses and be of better service to him. I would recommend at least getting a consultation, if Roxas Law can help, they are the team you want to be on your side.

Jeff B., Irvine, CA
I am so lucky to have found Sandy Roxas. Where other divorce attorneys counseled me that I could “get more” if I dropped mediation with my wife for a court battle, Sandy counseled me on how to stay out of trouble and get what I really needed out of mediation. And I did. I got exactly what was important to me; time with my daughter that is far more often than every other weekend. Sandy also taught me what to let go of in order to get what was important to me. So, it is not perfect, and I’m thrilled with the outcome. I have kept her on retainer even after the documents were signed. I do this because she kept a man with an imperfect past completely out of trouble while he was being instigated on a daily basis. And I can still use her counsel before any important communication with my wife, to be strong and simultaneously unthreatening.

If you are a man, you are at a huge disadvantage in this process. A restraining order can screw up your life like you would not believe, and you wouldn’t believe how easy it is to have one slapped on you without provocation. I never had one. So if you want to stay out of trouble and learn how to communicate with women in general, hire this woman. For the women reading this, Sandy knew what my reactions were going to be before they came out of me, so she obviously knows men very well and can help you too.

Sandy’s office staff is completely on the ball, pleasant and easy to talk to. Can’t say enough about all the behind the scenes and quick conversation scheduling that Troy, Christine, and Jossie have done and continue to do for me.

Don L., Monterey Park, CA
Attorney Sandy Roxas and her team helped me fight against a frivolous civil harassment restraining order that was filed against me by a disgruntled employee. Not only did the Judge dismiss the case, but he also ordered the Employee to pay my Attorney’s fees. How’s that for karma huh!

Although I knew the restraining order was without merit, it initially caused my family and I a tremendous amount of stress. Sandy and her team were compassionate and patient with us throughout the whole process. They worked hard to oppose the restraining order and were successful in the end. Sandy works fast and at the hearing she was powerful, charming, and articulate. Her retaining fee was one of the best. That Larry lawyer guy on TV was asking for way, way more. She is truly an amazing Attorney and I highly recommend her.